All images on this site are original works taken by Tris Dickin and adjusted using Adobe software, primarily Illustrator and Photoshop.

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Property and Real Estate

Websites for small and medium sized businesses. Property, catering, social enterprises, business services and trades. Incorporating social media, online newsletters and original artwork.

Online Shops

Online shops. Secure payments. WooCommerce and Etsy integration with WordPress.


This is an online database of music industry contacts called Musikandi. It’s built using a PHP framework. Users can create a profile which enables them to build their own music database which they can update and share, or keep for their own use.

Photos taken with an Android phone and enhanced using Adobe Illustrator’s Image Trace tool.

Home page LD Property Developers, Bristol
Home page - Musikandi, online music database

Screengrabs taken from clients videos, edited with Illustrator and Photoshop. Used in websites to create royalty free and original images.

Screengrab Kick Start Enterprise, Bristol
Screengrab Kick Start Enterprise, Bristol
Screengrab Kick Start Enterprise, Bristol

Art Direction. Covers of printed programmes made for a London music venue. Designed to be attention grabbing when displayed alongside dozens of other flyers from competitors.