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The Font Typeface used for FIFA 2018 Official Logo is Dusha.

This Font for FIFA 2018 Football World Cup called Dusha (from Душа, Russian for soul) was created by Portuguese design agency Brandia Central in 2014. It’s free to download. To get it, click here and look for the link just below the sample typeface.

Idiomatic bus - marketing

What’s with the bus?

It’s a bus used by one of our suppliers. A translation company. We use them for localisation. This is more than just the translation of websites into different languages. It’s attention to the detail of meaning.

Google can translate words, but getting the meaning right – local intonation – is of major importance. You don’t want to sound daft in Mandarin.

For us, marketing is much more than SEO. It’s about identifying how your company engages with your customers.