Build audiences and increase your customer base..

We’ll guide you through the mix of marketing available, targeting a range of demographics and age groups with the most appropriate media.

We offer search engine optimisation (SEO) built in to our sites, and will advise on or create written content to help raise Google rankings.

Helping you raise your profile, get searchable online and target demographics.

Building Audiences

On and offline marketing – social media, print, branding and e-commerce. Helping you to identify target markets and advice on the best ways to reach them. Whether through more traditional methods including print, or through digital media to target tech savvy audiences.

We write and distribute press releases, emails and newsletters through social media and marketing automation platforms including Mailchimp.


Mobile versions of our websites have telephone buttons featured prominently, giving users the chance to call you direct.

“We build search engine optimisation (SEO) in to our websites creating keyword rich content and using industry standard plug-ins such as Yoast. Here’s some stats.”

Online Shops

We build online shops primarily using WooCommerce and Etsy. Alternatively, you could link your eBay or Facebook marketplaces to your website, driving traffic and expanding your customer base.

Social Media

Linking your social media accounts and increasing reach by displaying social media sharing buttons throughout the site. We use the Monarch plugin which allows you to gather data on how successful your campaigns are.

“We offer content creation, copywriting, press release writing and distribution.”

Call To Action! (CTA's)

This can be a sign-up form, or a button that gives the user the opportunity to email you direct. We build this in to the design of your website.

On every page, and on each section of your website, visitors need to be able to make a spontaneous decision whether it’s to buy a product, ask for info or request a call back.

Idiomatic bus - marketing

What’s with the bus?

It’s a bus used by one of our suppliers. A translation company. We use them for localisation. This is more than just the translation of websites into different languages. It’s attention to the detail of meaning.

Google can translate words, but getting the meaning right – local intonation – is of major importance. You don’t want to sound daft in Mandarin.

For us, marketing is much more than SEO. It’s about identifying how your company engages with your customers.